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Hi! My name is Duke! I am an energetic, loving, oversized lap dog.  I have never met a stranger I did not like- as long as they are willing to give me all of their attention! I am willing to do just about anything as long as I can be with you - walks, cuddles, playtime, naps, you name it! I do not like to be isolated from you but I seem to manage just fine in my kennel while  Read more 
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MMESAR BECAME VICTIMS OF FRAUD BUT WOULD LATER UNCOVER A LARGER CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE HIDDEN BEHIND ANOTHER CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION’S  LEADER THAT USED SUFFERING ANIMALS FOR PERSONAL GAIN   (McKinney, TX. 5/17/2020) Our community, donors, adopters, and all of our supporters and followers alike deserve the truth.  So many of you have reached out to us asking how this could happen to us, asking why the court would allow a fraudulent case to continue, and asking us why the authorities have done nothing about it.  The truth is brutal, but it is still the truth.  When we were notified in 2018 that we were being sued by [the President] of Streets to Sheets Animal Rescue for $100K under fraudulent claims, our Board of Directors decided to defend the false claims instead of honoring the Plaintiffs multiple requests for a quick financial settlement (the first RED FLAG). We simply could not imagine handing over a single penny of our precious charitable assets when we hadn’t done anything wrong.  Little did we know... we were about to discover that we had just become victims of fraud and we would soon uncover a shocking criminal enterprise hidden behind a nonprofit animal rescue with a charitable exemption.  We would also soon discover that the President single handedly filed the lawsuit with a personal agenda, having never received approval from the Board of Directors... a Board where members were forbidden to actually serve in any governing capacity. WE HAD SUSPICIONS THAT THIS WAS MUCH MORE THAN A FRIVOLOUS LAWSUIT ~ Early on in addition to our defense of the fraudulent claims, our legal team started investigating much deeper into the organization who was suing us in order to try and grasp the how and the why.  Our investigations were tedious, lengthy, expensive, and very time consuming. It took over a year and tens of thousands of dollars to ultimately find the TRUTH.  Keep in mind that Streets to Sheets was not incurring any legal expenses whatsoever because [the President] found an attorney who generously agreed to pursue her false claims pro bono, without knowing that he too had just become a victim. Streets to Sheets [the President] THOUGHT she had nothing to lose. THE BLESSING IN DISGUISE~ The Dallas Morning News did an interview with the President of Streets to Sheets (at the President’s request) and they published a story about the lawsuit in 2018. Although the article was distasteful, one-sided, unfair, and a representation of poor journalism, that article turned out to a blessing in disguise. Once the story was published we started receiving an overwhelming amount of emails and messages from previous and CURRENT Streets to Sheets volunteers, adopters, donors and others all over the United States, all coming forward as whistle-blowers, with shocking testimonies and warnings as to what and [who] we were up against.  Multiple covert witnesses came forward with evidence that the lawsuit was a complete lie and scam.  These whistle-blowers would soon learn that their testimonies barely scratched the surface of the true horrid hiding underneath, and that the Streets to Sheets name and mission statement was being used as a front for abuse of power and theft.  Some of the internal whistle- blowers remained working at Streets to Sheets after coming forward in order to gather additional evidence to provide to investigators.. All we could do was gather their statements and wait. IT SEEMED LIKE AN ETERNAL NIGHTMARE~ We would soon find out why and how the Streets to Sheets attorney, the court, and the Ellis County Judge were all masterfully manipulated by a criminal and her accomplices... allowing for the lawsuit to continue destroying our organization one dollar at a time, one lie at a time. GENEROUS DONORS ARE PROVEN TO BE VICTIMS~ Throughout the “discovery” phase of the lawsuit, we the defendants requested copies of Streets to Sheets’ financial records which both parties are entitled to during litigation. We immediately provided Streets to Sheets’ attorney with all of OUR financial reports. After multiple discovery requests, it was discovered that their financial records simply did not exist. An internal whistle-blower later reported evidence to our investigator that a volunteer of Streets to Sheets at the direction of the President, made a conscious effort to fabricate financial records, receipts, and board meeting minutes for meetings that never took place.  Multiple whistle-blowers stated that “there was never a meeting, never a vote on anything, and never any governance over the President or STS’s charitable assets because it was forbidden”.  Our legal counsel never did receive any financial records from Streets to Sheets because that type of fabrication was likely too enormous of a task for [the President] and her accomplices to pull off. This led to our investigators digging even deeper and contacting PayPal, banks, and other various companies relating to Streets to Sheets. What we ultimately discovered was that since 2016, donations from the generous public were solicited and collected into the personal PayPal account of the President of Streets to Sheets and those funds were being transferred into her personal bank account.  STS’ covert whistle-blowers provided statements and evidence that the President had sole control over all charitable funds and they explained that volunteers were fired if they dare asked questions about the money. THE ANIMALS WHO DIED IN THE NAME OF FRAUD~ As litigation went on into 2019, we had bled so badly that we were forced to temporarily suspend operations and cancel future deployments of our specialized Search and Capture Team.  After our enormous legal expenses continued to drain our charitable assets, there was simply nothing left to save the lives of elusive, scared, homeless, injured, and dying street dogs.  Our capture request list soon became an enormous waiting list and we watched animals suffer and die while they waited for the help of our Team. WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WASN’T POSSIBLE THAT IT COULD GET WORSE~ Streets to Sheets (the President) continued to change their cause of action over and over hoping that something would finally stick. Each time we would provide evidence discrediting one claim, [the President] would make up a completely new story. Each time [she] presented a new fabricated claim and perjured affidavit to the court, MMESAR had to spend [a lot] of money to defend the new claim, and the court allowed the abuse.  [The President] tried so very hard to drown us in legal fees... with a motive of forcing us into a cash settlement.  We fought very hard to prevent that from happening and we fought till the end for the greater good, in the name of justice.  Unfortunately our liability insurance policy does not cover tort litigation expenses so charitable funds had to be used to cover our defense costs.  A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL~ One month before trial and after incurring a staggering $49,000 in legal expenses we discovered that [the President] of Streets to Sheets also tampered with evidence by altering the information contained in one witness statement AFTER it was notarized. [The President] altered the notarized witness affidavit in order to support her newest fictitious story.  We then discovered that [the President] completely fabricated and forged a second witness affidavit, only this time the witness signature was forged as well as the notary signature and stamp. We reached out to that STS witness and she denied ever seeing the affidavit.  We made contact with the notary who also confirmed that she had never seen the document nor did she notarize the document. FAILURE OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM IN NORTH TEXAS~ The constantly changing claims and the fabricated/tampered evidence were all part of a masterful plan to overwhelm the judge, and [the President] succeeded. The Ellis County Judge was so overwhelmed and confused that he was literally catatonic on the bench during our hearing ... his unjust decision was to send the fraudulent case to jury trial because he didn’t want to “deal” with it himself.   His failure to even read our legal responses allowed a thief to continue to drain all of our charitable assets and to continue allowing animals to die in the name of fraud.  BIGGER FISH TO FRY~ The information we were uncovering was so damaging we decided to contact the Texas Attorney General because our charity was barely surviving and we now had evidence to support a much larger criminal enterprise at play.  After we provided all of our investigative work to them, we were hopeful that they would act quickly in order to stop our bleeding.  THAT. DID. NOT. HAPPEN.  An Assistant Attorney General and her investigators explained during a telephone conference “We have reviewed your evidence and we agree there are significant issues BUT we are short staffed, we have to pick our battles, and we have to pursue cases that affect millions of dollars and millions of people in Texas”. — So a charity President fraudulently suing another charitable organization in hopes of personal financial gain; and allegedly stealing charitable funds in excess of $200,000 ...isn’t a big enough issue to pursue swiftly in Texas!  {We suspect that you, the public would disagree} ~~~ It is possible that they ARE investigating covertly and they just TOLD us that they weren’t going to, but we are not privy to that information. WE FILED CRIMINAL CHARGES LOCALLY WITH ELLIS COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE AT THE DIRECTION OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL~ We immediately filed a police report with the Ellis County Sheriff’s Office for Obstruction of Justice, Abusive Litigation, Forgery, Perjury, Misappropriation/Theft of Charitable Funds, and several other charges. We kept our criminal discoveries secret from the public at that time to protect the integrity of the investigation and the whistle- blowers.     MONTHS GO BY, NOBODY WAS BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE~ As we sat on the sidelines basking in the wake of the destruction that [the President] had caused, we were hopeful that justice would eventually be served but there was still no arrest, and Ellis County Sheriff’s Office did not even refer our report to the Ellis County District Attorney.  They did nothing.  The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office told us that theft, forgery, perjury, and all of the other crimes were not crimes at all... they were civil issues.  Civil issues that would require us to spend charity dollars to peruse instead of the District Attorney doing their job.  There are many cases in North Texas where District Attorney’s prosecuted for those exact crimes.  Since nobody was taking action or even willing to investigate at the local level, we filed reports with the FBI and the Texas Rangers.   ~~~ We are not saying that those responsible will not be indicted eventually, but we wanted to clarify that the authorities are not communicating with us so we have no idea as to the status of any investigation.  A SMALL VICTORY~ After confronting Streets to Sheets [the President] with our investigative discoveries, she dropped the lawsuit within hours. Shortly after that, she packed up and moved her and her children out of Waxahachie. THE REASON WHY WE WILL NEVER RECOUP OUR FINANCIAL LOSS~ We “could” technically counter-sue Streets to Sheets and/or [the President] for our attorney’s fees but Streets to Sheets doesn’t have any money and it would cost us over $50,000 in additional legal fees to pursue it civilly.  We have made the decision to let the authorities handle the issue criminally instead of us pursuing it civilly.  Since it turns out that it is not Streets to Sheets’ fault but rather their basket of bad apples, we feel that it is best to let the authorities handle it from here.  EYES WERE OPENED, WHISTLE BLOWERS TOOK FURTHER ACTION~ On 5/4/2020 Streets to Sheets Board of Directors and new President issued this Press Release  We have received multiple inquiries asking if MMESAR or any members of our management team is taking over operations of Streets to Sheets... the answer is “NO”.    Our President, Selena Schmidt was approached by Streets to Sheets’ current President Jennifer Garcia and she, along with their existing Board of Directors, expressed their sincerest of apologies for what happened to our Team and our organization.   We rally behind Streets to Sheets’ new leadership for their bravery and their willingness to come forward and take action. Tragically, our Search and Capture operations remain suspended indefinitely as our Team regroups.   Honestly, being victims of charitable fraud took us to our knees and cut us to our core.  With the Ellis County Court system tolerating the pursuit of fraudulent claims, ignoring evidence, and with the authorities not yet prosecuting for perjury, forgery and financial crimes against charitable entities, we are terrified to continue serving and we must consider the risk, the health, and well-being of our Team members.   We essentially have no protection in Texas from abusive litigation.  With our annual revenue only being about $60,000, we simply do not have the means to defend another fraudulent lawsuit.   We hope to overcome these obstacles one day soon so that we can get back to work saving lives.  If you would like to make a charitable contribution, no amount is ever too small.  We are forever grateful for your love and support!  
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