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Our team captured this precious elusive girl back on October 15, 2022.  She was in rough shape but we got her all of the veterinary care she needed, helped her gain weight, and now she is healthy, happy, and ready for her forever home or a new foster home.    Read more of her story.  
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How to Foster a Rescue Pet
Mutts and Mayhem Animal Rescue has a continuous need for quality foster homes for our rescue Animals.  We are looking for all types of foster families, including those who are able to foster full-time as well as for just a few weeks at a time. Mutts and Mayhem is looking for: Year-round foster homes Temporary foster homes (while other foster families are on vacation, for example) Large-scale animal abuse case foster homes (to help with sudden overflow) Our team is made up of a priceless network of foster homes where dedicated foster parents care for and nurture the Animals.  We are looking for people who can care for our rescue animals as if they were their personal pets.  We will be careful to match the right animal to the needs of your foster family and home environment.  Our Animals come from a variety of situations, including: Stray animals that are sick, injured or malnourished Overcrowded municipal shelters where they face euthanasia Large-scale animal abuse cases (hoarding, puppy mills, fighting rings) Mutts and Mayhem provides:  All necessary medication and veterinary medical care Food and Litter (when adequate funds are available to do so) Necessary professional grooming services (nail trim, hair cut, etc) Specialized training services if extensive rehabilitation is needed Professional marketing of all foster animals via our website, national adoption partner sites Adoption application processing and approval Comprehensive education and training on how to care for your foster animal(s) Transparent internal communication regarding rescue operations, current programs, important industry news and additional volunteer & leadership opportunities.  Opportunities for discounts on certain animal services and products for your foster animal(s) The Foster Family provides:  A safe and nurturing environment for their assigned foster animal(s) Quality food and water (MMESAR will provide if you are unable to) Litter (MMESAR will provide if you are unable to) Socialization for shy animals A chance for sick animals to recover Basic grooming (bathing, ear cleaning, dental care) Daily/Monthly oral and topical medication administration Adequate exercise for the specific needs of your individual foster animal  For dogs:  Assistance in the positive training of good house manners, basic obedience skills including how to walk nicely on a leash and basic commands like SIT, STAY, DOWN, SIT TO PET, SAY HI, and more.  Transportation to/from veterinary visits and weekend events (On occasion, if you aren’t able to provide transportation , arrangements can be made for your foster animal to be picked up and/or dropped off)   Additional Benefits to being a Foster Parent Volunteer TAX DEDUCTIBLE If you itemize on your Federal Tax Return, unreimbursed expenses incurred while Fostering or Volunteering including vehicle mileage and supplies necessary to feed and care for Foster Animals, is tax deductible!  You not only receive the reward of saving lives, but it allows you to save money by reducing the amount of Income Tax you have to pay on money you worked hard to earn when not Volunteering.    What’s it like to Foster a Rescue Animal? Fostering a Rescue animal is one of the most rewarding ways you can help as an animal lover.  Because of your unconditional love, kindness and patience, these precious animals get a second chance at a wonderful life of knowing what it feels like to be loved and the opportunity for them to love in return.  We likely have an animal for you to foster regardless of the level of care you are able to provide.  While some Animals come into Mutts and Mayhem healthy, fully trained and/or housebroken, others may have special needs that require a little (or a lot) more from a foster family.  You just let us know the level of care you are able to provide and we will work with you to find a good match for you and your home. Some of our Rescue animals may take a little longer than usual to adopt into forever homes and it can be very difficult to give up an animal that you have come to love over a longer period of time, once we find him/her a permanent home.  Mutts and Mayhem will work closely with our foster families through this emotional time as we understand this pain of separation.  In time, with our guidance,  it is likely that the process of letting go will become more of a bitter-sweet celebration as you begin to redirect your focus as each adoption allows you the opportunity to open your home to another desperate animal needing that second chance to live.    As our foster parents have all said, “the rewards of fostering far outweigh the difficulties”.  To witness a once homeless, scared and/or emotionally broken animal make the transition from bewilderment to belonging is one of the most fulfilling experiences you will ever have. Foster Parents become better advocates for global change In order to help our foster parents be more successful in the rehabilitation of their rescue animals, we offer our foster parents comprehensive training, personal guidance, and written protocols.   We put a platform in place for our foster parents where they can constantly grow and learn more from each foster experience while seamlessly learning more about the depths of our organization.  When a foster parent or family understands more about how our mission is funded,  more about animal care standards and more about the governance of operating as a nonprofit, they are naturally empowered to play a more active role in advocating change and leading their community by example.  Having a little more knowledge about what fuels the need for Rescue in the first place, gives our foster parents the tools they need to be an invaluable part of a global change for these animals.  Mutts and Mayhem believes that global change will be achieved through continuous public education and this begins with each individual on our team.   Mutts and Mayhem is dedicated to giving our Animals a better chance at a quality life.  Through our Foster Care Program, we provide these Animals with much more than just a safe, temporary home.  We offer them love and rehabilitation.  Please join our mission and help us save more lives!  If you would like to apply to participate in our Foster Volunteer Program, please download and complete a Volunteer Application and a Foster Supplement Form and email them to
Making a Difference in Animals’ Lives
[faw-ster, fos-ter]
1. to promote the growth or development of; further; encourage: 2. to foster new ideas. 3. to bring up, raise, or rear, as a foster child. 4. to care for or cherish.
a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to providing emergency search, rescue, capture, recovery, and immediate veterinary treatment for the sick, injured, and elusive animals that we capture.
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