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Our team captured this precious elusive girl back on October 15, 2022.  She was in rough shape but we got her all of the veterinary care she needed, helped her gain weight, and now she is healthy, happy, and ready for her forever home or a new foster home.    Read more of her story.  
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One of the most rewarding aspects of adopting a Rescue Animal is the simple fact that you’re saving a life and giving a deserving Animal a new home. By adopting a Rescue Animal, you become an ambassador of life!  Not only will you be helping the animal that you adopt, but you stand tall in helping support our entire Mission!  Through adoption, you will be helping us end the Homeless Pet Overpopulation, you demonstrate your alacrity to advocate for these precious Animals and you help create awareness so that all humans of the universe may receive the education necessary to humanely care for all of the animals on our planet through preventing cruelty to animals and participating in global spay and neuter programs.  Match Making Done Right Here at Mutts and Mayhem, we have put into place an Animal Adoption process that has proven to reduce the return rate on Animals to less than 1%. Our Rescue Animals Most of the animals we rescue are elusive stray animals living on the streets.  Once rescued, these animals are either transferred to other rescue organizations or if space is available at MMESAR, they are placed into medical and rehabilitative foster homes so that they may heal and prepare for adoption into a forever family.    All animals at Mutts and Mayhem have had a health and temperament assessment and have been cleared for Adoption by our veterinarian.  Prior to an adoption, all of our animals will have received a thorough veterinary exam and will have received any treatment needed for illnesses or injuries they may have incurred prior to their Rescue.   Each animal adoption includes the following:         Spay or Neuter         Microchip ID         De-worming         Core vaccines         Rabies vaccine         Heartworm/FeLV/FIV testing services         30 days of Pet Health Insurance Details of Core Vaccines Canines:         Distemper         Adenovirus Type 2         Hepatitis         Parainfluenza         Parvovirus         Bordetella Felines:         Panleukopenia         Calicivirus         Rhinotracheitis **  In the case that you Adopt a Kitten that is too young for Vaccinations and/or Spay & Neuter surgery, we will provide you with a paid voucher to have these services performed when they become of age.  We then require that you submit verification of the surgery and vaccinations to us by a certain date.  ***The State of Texas enforces the law requiring that all dogs and cats have their Rabies vaccinations prior to 4 months of age & that they are Spayed & Neutered after entering a shelter or rescue organization.  We enforce this law on their behalf as we are equally accountable.  Our Spay & Neuter Program is the foundation of helping solve the Homeless Animal Overpopulation Crisis..     Pet Adoption Process Once you have selected an Animal you are interested in, an Adoption Coordinator will guide you through the following steps: 1. Fill out the Pet Adoption Application. 2. Either scan and email your application to us or mail it via the USPS.  (Electronic submission directly from our website will soon be available) 3. Q & A. Once we receive your application, an Adoption Coordinator will ask and answer any relevant questions. 4. We will schedule a Meet-n-Greet at your Home.  If all goes well, we require a trial sleep-over for 1-5 nights in order to ensure that everyone is the perfect match and that everyone is acclimating well.  5. Sign the Contract. When both parties decide it’s a good match, we’ll help you make it official by signing our adoption contract. You also get all of the Animals medical records and a new family photo to document your special day. If there are multiple applications received the same day for a specific animal, applications are considered and processed in the order they are received.  The final decision in which a person or family may adopt a Rescue Animal will be decided collectively by our staff. It’s important to each Animal that we do not turn away any applicant that is interested in him/her.  We are always hopeful that the very first applicant will be the perfect fit for that Animal but sometimes that is not the case even though all of the Adoption criteria has been met.  We take pride in the placement of our Rescue Animals and our theory behind this due diligence holds that performing proper screening to the Animals’ specific needs contributes significantly to our successful Adoptions to Furever Homes.   Almost anyone can adopt an animal...we just help ensure it’s the best decision for everyone!  Adoption Fees We wish that we could simply give our animals to their new adoptive family at zero cost.  However, Mutts & Mayhem is a non-profit organization who relies solely on individual contributions and adoption fees to care for all of our animals on a daily basis.  Our Adoption Fees range in price from $25.00 to $300.00 depending on the animal.  Careful consideration is taken when determining this fee.  We  consider the animals’ previous medical expenses, length of time in our care, adoptability factors, future needs, etc.  Each animals adoption’ fee will be listed within his/her profile information.  Many Animals we rescue require over $1,000 in medical bills, yet our adoption fees remain the same.  Although we cover all of the costs in caring for rescued pets, we do not pass it onto you.   We work to make adoption affordable by keeping our adoption fees low as low as possible.   This way, we can do a better job at finding the perfect home for each and every Animal.   Please keep all of this in mind if it seems to you that the adoption fee listed may be too high for that animal.  If you would like to see first hand how we use these funds to operate and care for these priceless Animals, view our Financial Reports or read “Where do your donation dollars go?”.   * We gladly accept cash, check, money order or you may pay using a credit card through PayPal.  Personal checks will only be accepted if the address on your check is the same as the address on your Adoption Application Adoption Criteria   To be considered for adoption you need to: Be at least 18 years old. Have knowledge and consent of all adults living in your household. All adults living  in your household must be fully engaged in the decision to adopt All adults living in the household must be listed on the adoption application.  All adults must have a valid, government-issued photo ID Have landlords consent to bring an animal onto the property (if applicable) If adopting a canine, you will need to agree to a Home Visit prior to the final approval of your adoption application in order for us to perform a safety check. Possess zero criminal convictions for Animal Cruelty, Animal Abuse, Family/Domestic Violence or Felony Violent Crimes.  Understand that Mutts & Mayhem reserves the right to refuse the adoption of any animal to any person for any reason.   Pet Adoption Q & A The opportunity to ask and answer questions is critical to discovering any potential incompatibilities between you and the Animal you are considering. An Animal’s personality, energy level, and in some cases special needs are factors you must consider when determining if an Animal is the right fit for you. First Meeting Please understand that most of our foster parents work full time jobs and foster our Rescue Animals on a volunteer basis. We will do the best we can to accommodate everyone’s schedules when setting up times to meet an Animal. Making the Commitment If your family falls head-over-heels in love with the animal, and we feel he/she is a great fit for your family, then we will schedule an official adoption day. You will be provided with all of the animal’s medical records and other reading material to help you with the transition period. At this time, you will sign our standard adoption contract. Should you decide to adopt one of our animals, the animal’s foster parent will discuss with you your new animal’s vocabulary, or commands that have been taught to the animal during Foster Care Training. Learning your animal’s language will make the transition into your home go smoothly and will help reduce the amount of stress on the animal. Our dedicated foster homes are committed to providing a loving environment where basic training skills and emotional stability are priorities. Read more about our Foster Care Training Program. Place a HOLD on a Rescue Animal You do have the option of placing an Animal on HOLD once you have submitted your Adoption Application.  When you place a hold on an Animal,  he/she will not be adopted to another family unless we determine that your family just isn’t the right fit for the needs of that particular Rescue Animal and/or your family.  Read more... Our “Furever Commitment” to our Rescue Animals For each Animal that we Rescue, we have vested love, emotion, time, advocacy, and money to each precious life.  The animal that you adopt from MMESAR is considered to be our family, forever.  If, after your adoption, "anything" happens where you can no longer keep or properly and humanely care for that animal, we will gladly accept him/her back into our Rescue with loving arms, no questions asked. Our Commitment to our Adoptive Families Because our Rescue Animals are considered to be our family, when you adopt a Rescue Animal from us, your family becomes our family too!  After your adoption, we will be available to you for support, guidance, advice, assistance in finding information and resources, and overall we want to help ensure that your adoption is as successful as possible for you and for the animal you have adopted.   This balance is important to us and we are here to help!
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